About IPA

Founded in 2007:  Since its founding IPA has enjoyed steady, profitable growth under the leadership (ownership and principal management) of experienced and proven leaders and managers who include career Navy SEALs, a Naval Aviator, an Intelligence Officer, a Foreign Service Officer, an Electronic Warfare Engineer and a National Security Strategist.

Contract Experience:  IPA began its history by leveraging professional worldwide relationships that were developed during varied US Government service. Our initial contracts were with the Royal Court of the Kingdom of Jordan in 2007, the Iraqi government in 2008, and the Afghan Ministry of Interior in 2009. All three contracts directly supported US Government foreign policy interests and DoD and CIA programs. Focusing on US government contracting since 2008, IPA has managed teams as a prime or subcontracted successfully in all of its business endeavors. IPA has grown to be a trusted partner in a broad range of work including highly specialized niche work. IPA is proficient in worldwide support to US government, US commercial, foreign government and foreign commercial requirements.

Accomplishments: IPA supports its customers with a wide spectrum of experience and expertise that includes intelligence, diplomacy, policy/strategy, police/military special operations, global anti- terrorism / narco-terrorism, aviation, maritime services, naval surface warfare, weapons systems mission engineering and human space flight mission support to NASA. IPA has provided professional services, assistance and training to US and foreign government personnel at the national executive and policy level and throughout the operational and tactical components.

Worldwide Footprint: IPA has helped achieve US policies aims in over 30 countries on five continents including Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa.

Small Business Agility: IPA’s impact around the world has been remarkable considering its size. We attribute our business success to leadership within the company, our ability to develop strategic partnerships, and the high quality of service that we are dedicated to deliver on every effort. Our leadership and their uncompromising standards allow IPA to be efficient and lean. As a small business, we move quickly without layers of decision makers to slow the process. We pass the cost benefit of our small business status onto our customers under a best value model.

Mission Engineering: IPA supports the Commander, Fleet Forces Command as the Executive Agent to the Chief of Naval Operations for the Tomahawk Weapons System (TWS). IPA is leading the effort for the modernization of the system, upgrading and integrating into a maritime capability and in the dynamic tactical use including dynamic targeting and Call-For-Fire capabilities with joint and national systems and services. IPA has created Concepts of Employment and Engineering products as well as tactics, techniques and procedures to employ these new capabilities.

Intelligence: IPA leverages its in-house career experience and relationships in the CIA to provide Human Intelligence (HUMINT) tradecraft training to US Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC) Multi-Disciplined Intelligence Officers. Highly qualified intelligence experts, through academic classroom and extensive field training and exercise support, provide training and evaluation support. In support of this training IPA has established relationships with federal, state and local authorities, private, state and federal land use agreements and local business agreements throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area, Northern Virginia and eastern West Virginia. We leverage these relationships and agreements to provide the highest quality, realistic training and exercises. Our role-players are hand-selected intelligence community professionals and our surveillance teams are staffed by badged personnel with professional surveillance experience from federal agencies and off-duty law enforcement personnel.

Human Spaceflight: IPA is a NASA teammate providing operations, training and engineering support to US government & commercial programs at NASA’s Johnson Space Center including:

  • The Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL) NBL Video Presentation
  • Space Vehicle Mock-up Facility (SVMF)
  • Next Generation Space Vehicle Recovery System Development
IPA holds positions as the Recovery Manager and Flight Lead for the Orion Recovery Program as well as technical consultants on Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner Recovery Program. IPA’s divers and engineers are responsible for supporting commercialization efforts supporting the NASA human spaceflight program. IPA is authorized to help enable utilization of NASA’s assets to enhance military and other agencies training and operational readiness.

Global Strategy Group (GSG): From concept development, experimentation, and implementation of the Joint Interagency Coordination Group (JIACG) within the US Combatant Commands in 2003, to crafting the Security Sector Reform guidance for the Departments of State, Defense and USAID, our Global Strategy Group has been a significant and consistent contributor to improving interagency cooperation in support of a comprehensive, whole-of-government approach to our rapidly emerging global security challenges. GSG core competencies include:

  • Whole-of-Government Collaboration
  • Concept Development & Experimentation
  • War-Gaming
  • Geopolitical Risk Services
  • Intelligence
  • Policy – Strategy – Planning
  • Comprehensive Approach to Smart Cities
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Curriculum Development
  • Training & Education

IPA’s Worldwide Land Based Training includes:

  • Military SOF and Law Enforcement Tactical Training
  • Anti-Terrorism / Counterterrorism Training
  • HUMINT Tradecraft
  • Surveillance & Surveillance Detection
  • Homeland and Border Security
  • Emergency and Crisis Management
  • Joint Task Force Command & Control (C2) and Operations
  • Personal Protection and Site Security

Aviation Operations & Training:

  • Counter Narcotics Terrorism Program Office (CNTPO) Non-Standard aviation trainingsupport to the Ministry of Interior in Afghanistan
  • Aviation Operational Support to US Drug Enforcement Agency, US SpecialOperations and NATOSpecial Forces in Afghanistan
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Operations, Training and Support

Maritime Training and Support: IPA has developed intimate business relations across the maritime industry that we leverage to provide a full spectrum of maritime and combat swimmer training capabilities that are unmatched. Our relations with the US Maritime Administration (MARAD), the Gas and Oil industry and NASA afford us full access and use of fleets of merchant vessels, Gas and Oil Platforms (GOPLATS) and the Nation’s largest state of the art fresh water laboratory (pool). With all assets located in the Houston area, including access through Ellington Air Base, IPA is able to provide its customers full spectrum mission profile training capabilities in the Houston area.

We have provided worldwide maritime training support to foreign military and law enforcement units that support US foreign policy. IPA has provided CONUS maritime support to commercial, military, federal, state, and local law enforcement including:

  • Basic Coxswain and Navigation Training
  • Advanced Boat Handling Tactics and Skills
  • Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure (VBSS)
  • International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS)
  • Combat Swimmer / Tactical Diver Training
  • Gas and Oil Platforms (GOPLATS)
  • Anti-piracy

Physical Security & Emergency Management:
Our Subject Matter Experts are experienced in all Critical Infrastructure/Key Resources (CI/KR) Sectors and hold the following membership and certifications:

  • American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS)
  • Certified Protection Professional (CPP)
  • Physical Security Professional (PSP)
  • Certified Emergency Management Assistant (CEMA)
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • InfraGard
  • Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)