About IPA

Founded in 2007:  Since its founding IPA has enjoyed steady, profitable growth under the leadership (ownership and principal management) of experienced and proven leaders and managers with careers in US Naval Special Warfare, Non-standard Aviation, US Intelligence, Foreign Service, Naval Surface Warfare Engineering and National Security Strategy Development.

Contract Experience:  IPA began its history by leveraging professional worldwide relationships that were developed during varied US Government service. Our initial contracts were with the Royal Court of the Kingdom of Jordan in 2007, the Iraqi government in 2008, and the Afghan Ministry of Interior in 2009. All three contracts directly supported US Government foreign policy interests and DoD and CIA programs. Focusing on US government contracting since 2008, IPA has managed teams as a prime or subcontracted successfully in all of its business endeavors and has grown to be a trusted partner in a broad range of work including highly specialized niche work. IPA is proficient in worldwide support to US government, US commercial, foreign government and foreign commercial requirements.

Accomplishments: IPA supports its customers on a wide spectrum of experience and expertise that includes intelligence, diplomacy, policy, special unit operations, global anti- terrorism / narco-terrorism, aviation and maritime services, Mission Engineering of US Navy advanced weapons systems and Human Space-flight mission support to NASA. IPA has provided Management, professional services, assistance and training to US and foreign government personnel at the national executive and policy level and throughout the vertical chain of operational and tactical components.

Worldwide Footprint: IPA has supported US policies in over 35 countries on five continents including Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa.

Small Business Agility: IPA’s impact around the world has been remarkable considering its size. We attribute our business success to leadership within the company, our ability to develop strategic partnerships, and the high quality of service that we deliver on every effort. Our leadership and their uncompromising standards allow IPA to be efficient and lean. As a small business, we move quickly without layers of decision makers to slow the process. We pass the cost benefit of our small business status onto our customers under a best value model.