Global Strategy Group

From concept development, experimentation, and implementation of the Joint Interagency Coordination Group (JIACG) within the US Combatant Commands in 2003, to crafting the Security Sector Reform guidance for the Departments of State, Defense and USAID, our Global Strategy Group has been a significant and consistent contributor to improving interagency cooperation in support of a comprehensive, whole-of-government approach to our rapidly emerging global security challenges.
Team members have extensive expertise in:

Concept Development & Experimentation

Experiment Requirements

Training and Exercises

Foreign Policy/Strategy

Political-Military Affairs

Aviation/Fires & Maneuver

Nuclear Forces

Stabilization and Reconstruction

Global Trade and Commerce

Humanitarian Assistance

Conflict Mitigation

Civil Affairs

Law Enforcement

Monitoring and Evaluation

Doctrine and Education


Training Development/Requirements


Intergovernmental/Multilateral Organizations

Military Strategy/Planning

Naval Operations


Conflict Mitigation

Development Assistance

Disaster Relief

Cross-Cultural Communications

Foreign Languages

Conflict/Risk Assessments

Counter Threat Finance

Technical Writing/Editing

GSG members have deployed to countries around the world, providing subject matter expertise for projects in support of U.S. and NATO commands and civilian government agencies. As an outcome of supporting experiments, war-games, and exercises, the GSG has led or supported the development of numerous policy premise documents, reports, and handbooks on best practices for civil-military, interagency, and host-country cooperation.
The topics include:
  • conflict prevention and mitigation
  • post-conflict stabilization and reconstruction
  • irregular warfare
  • governance, elections, and media
  • economic stability
  • essential services and critical infrastructure
  • rule of law and security sector reform
  • interagency/intergovernmental coordination – building partnerships
  • interagency management systems
  • counter threat finance
  • military planning concepts – adaptive planning and execution
  • whole-of-government logistics
  • maritime domain awareness
In its work, the GSG has developed effective tools for conducting assessments, planning, monitoring and evaluating programs and operations dealing with emerging security challenges and high risk environments. GSG initiatives focus on improving cooperation between civilian, military, law enforcement, international and nongovernmental organizations while promoting government and private sector cooperation to address problems and overlapping interests in areas such as the global commons.
Over the last few years, the GSG has taken the experience acquired working within our national security architecture to develop geopolitical risk analysis as well as war-gaming/decision support services for senior leaders in the private sector whose organizations may be exposed to security challenges in the international markets. What has become clear is that the defense/security component of the commercial risk services provided by our major competitors is weak – much of it done by proxy. Efforts to address our rapidly evolving and complex global security challenges will require a much closer examination and understanding of the hybrid threats we face – GSG intends to help fill this void.
The members of the Global Strategy Group are available to assist with long-term or short-term projects to tailor strategies that fit your organization’s needs. Team members are available to travel on short notice, if necessary.
The GSG complements IPA’s core capabilities. To inquire about the Global Strategy Group please contact IPA at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.