IPA’s Global Strategy Group (GSG) is a team of former officers from the U.S. Departments of State, Defense, Treasury, Commerce, Justice, the U.S. Agency for International Development, the FBI, and the private sector. They are a team of experts in foreign affairs, global security, interagency and intergovernmental cooperation. Emphasizing a comprehensive, whole-of-government approach, the GSG provides solutions by designing, planning and executing scenario-supported wargames and experiments addressing complex emerging security challenges.

The GSG has produced and delivered numerous reports and handbooks on best practices for civil-military, interagency, and host-country cooperation. The topics range from conflict prevention and mitigation to post-conflict stabilization and reconstruction. The team has also provided extensive support to NATO in moving toward the implementation of the Alliance’s Strategic Concept.

Heavy losses of Russian tanks during Russia's war in Ukraine have led some analysts to conclude that the era of tanks might be over. Are tanks obsolete in modern warfare? Or does the loss of so many Russian tanks reflect other issues that do not represent the relevance of tanks in warfare overall? Here are some articles that dig deep into the issue.

This is a very interesting discussion of the historical use of tanks:

"The Tank Is Dead: Long Live the Javelin, the Switchblade, the...?" War on the Rocks

"We should all recall the words of Australian Maj. Gen. Kathryn Toohey in 2019: 'Tanks are like dinner jackets. You don’t need them very often, but when you do, nothing else will do.' The general’s caution explains why the tank has endured and why it is perhaps not time for its funeral, unless she can be proven wrong."


"The Tank Is Not Obsolete, and Other Observations about the Future of Combat - War on the Rocks

"The available data from Ukraine, as well as the recent war in Nagorno-Karabakh, indicate that tanks are still critical in modern warfare and their vulnerabilities have been exaggerated. Russia’s heavy tank losses can be explained by employment mistakes, poor planning and preparation, insufficient infantry support, and Ukrainian artillery."


"The Tank's Death Has Been Exaggerated" - Center for European Policy Analysis


"Tanks a Lot (Well, Not Actually That Many for Ukraine)" - Foreign Policy Research Institute


Free Tank Army photo and picture

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