IPA’s Global Strategy Group (GSG) is a team of former officers from the U.S. Departments of State, Defense, Treasury, Commerce, Justice, the U.S. Agency for International Development, the FBI, and the private sector. They are a team of experts in foreign affairs, global security, interagency and intergovernmental cooperation. Emphasizing a comprehensive, whole-of-government approach, the GSG provides solutions by designing, planning and executing scenario-supported wargames and experiments addressing complex emerging security challenges.

The GSG has produced and delivered numerous reports and handbooks on best practices for civil-military, interagency, and host-country cooperation. The topics range from conflict prevention and mitigation to post-conflict stabilization and reconstruction. The team has also provided extensive support to NATO in moving toward the implementation of the Alliance’s Strategic Concept.

IPA Global Strategy Group member Christopher Holshek has authored an article in which he discusses that, in order to achieve political and strategic outcomes, the Army must reinvent itself and "see itself within a whole-of-nation framework in strategic competition, build global and regional networks with allies and interorganizational partners, and integrate moral as well as material maneuver forces—or else it may risk losing without fighting."

"To contend with the unique challenges of strategic competition, the Army needs to think beyond doctrinal updates, techno-centric silver bullets, and operational quick fixes—it must fundamentally change its strategic and organizational culture. Rather than emphasizing geographic key terrain, the Army needs to recognize that traditional centers of gravity have shifted from the power of states and militaries to the perceptions of populations; it has to focus on what Maj. Gen. Robert H. Scales described nearly two decades ago as 'capturing the psycho-cultural rather than the geographical high ground.' As the war in Ukraine is reaffirming, war, which is as much about people as politics, is above all a contest of wills."

"The Army Is Not Ready to Win Without Fighting" - Modern War Institute at West Point


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