Intelligence Training

IPA leverages its in-house career experience and relationships with the United States and International Intelligence Communities including Military Intelligence enterprises to provide Multi-Disciplined Intelligence and Intelligence Tradecraft training, mentorship and consultation. Training and evaluation support is provided by qualified intelligence experts, through academic classroom and extensive field training and exercise support.

We apply our expertise to US Government Agencies and Defense Specialty Units tasked with securing the safety and interests of the United States of America. IPA possesses the organic network resources and capabilities required to provide the expertise and experience that is critical to National Security and the security of our Domestic Infrastructure.
In support of this training IPA has established relationships with federal, state and local authorities, private, state and federal land use agreements and local business agreements throughout the counties and municipalities in which we operate . We leverage these relationships and agreements to provide the highest quality, realistic training and exercises. Our role-players are hand-selected intelligence community professionals and our surveillance teams are staffed by badged personnel with professional surveillance experience from federal agencies and off-duty law enforcement personnel.
Our Mobile Intelligence & Security Training Teams deliver classified support to the U.S. Intelligence Community US personnel. IPA’s top pedigree instructors and mentors are career experts in Intelligence and the security of information and assets.

Our Training & Services include:

Asset Validation and Elicitation

Rapport Building and Social Skills

Surveillance and Surveillance Detection

Selecting, managing, and utilizing routes

Foot, vehicle, multi-mode

Utilizing and managing surveillance and the local “Service”

Urban and Rural Street-skills, Field-skills and Tradecraft

Interview / Interrogation

Managing external source interpreters

Controlling behavior, interaction, and the interview

Understanding human behavior


Utilization and Deployment of Technology and Technical Assets

Evolution of technology

Understanding capabilities and limitations

Field application, care, and maintenance

Curriculum Development

Custom tailored development

Training-to-Mission validation, effectiveness, and Essential Task Compliance

Exercise Design and Management

Capabilities-based exercise design

Exercise Management, Evaluation, and Analysis

Post Exercise Policy Development