Security Awareness and Training

Security Awareness is the knowledge and attitude a person or group possess regarding the protection of the physical, and informational, assets of the person or group.

IPA Awareness and Security Training provides a coordinated approach to learning and capabilities development that is used to establish security priorities, goals, and requirements for protection to ensure assets and resources are applied in the most effective manner. IPA works with each client to ensure that a measured approach to training supports the overall objectives, themes and purpose of an event. Each IPA training module is supported by specific learning and enabling objectives that define intended training outcomes.

With a worldwide Security Assistance footprint in 37 countries on five continents including the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa our approach to curriculum development and training delivery is built on a foundation of top pedigree expert instructors, advanced and current knowledge and expertise in the skills required to accomplish customer training goals and objectives.

Scenario based training allows our exercise developers to work closely with the client to develop the knowledge, tools and skills to simplify and effectively achieve success within client specific scenario design. IPA customizes training to each client’s unique requirements and capabilities ensuring that the training is synchronized with client capabilities, resources and objectives.

Information sharing is critical to awareness and security. IPA Awareness and Security training provides the client with the tools to establish information sharing environments that facilitate the protection of personnel and property is a priority. The ultimate goal is to create a security network in which all partners can collaborate to prepare for, protect against, respond to, and recover from an attack, national disaster, or other crisis/emergency. This partnership is at the heart of a personal or group security plan, which sets forth a comprehensive risk management framework coordination and information sharing and clearly defined critical protection roles and responsibilities.

Special Event Training Injects:

IPA specializes in tailoring client events with inject modules designed to achieve meaningful objectives. For example, IPA works with broad array of client groups that seek to develop leadership, self-accountability and social skills during work/school/club events.


IPA is a primer worldwide provider of complex training and support services. Our training library consists of over 400 focused training modules strategically assembled to optimize individual and group preparedness to meet complex challenges. We achieve client success by offering modular training that allows us to deliver a bespoke offering that meets the specific needs of our client.